2800 SW View.jpg


Acted As: Selling Broker/Leasing Broker/Contractor for Tenant Improvements 

Building Size: 68,080 SQFT

Tenants: Tractor Supply  15 Year lease started May, 2012. Currently leasing 23,430SQFT (30%)

The Deal

As an appointed receiver, KAM Coastal operated as the broker to the bank in the sale of the building to Fibercoast LLC, who was represented by Fleet Ventures. Because of KAMs reputation in the area and its background, it was hired by the buildings new owner, Fibercoast, as a listing broker to seek out potential tenants for the building. KAM then connected with Tractor Supply Co. and managed to lock in a 15-year lease with them for 23,430SQFT of the building which started in May of 2012. KAM was then hired by Fibercoast to do all of the necessary tenant improvements needed to move TSC in within a timely manner. 


2800 Riverside was built in 1982 for Kmart who occupied 100% of the building up until 2000. Kmart vacated the premises in 2000 and the property was owned and occupied by another tenant until 2008 when ownership of the building reverted back to the lien holder, Rabobank.