Real Estate Consulting

KAM Coastal is experienced in all phases of real estate development and is an active consultant in land acquisitions, strategic land entitlement, planning, feasibility, due diligence, community consensus building, construction/project management, sales, and marketing. Our management philosophy is a hands on approach, with our principal being involved in all aspects of the decision making process.

Asset Evaluation

KAM is strategic in its approach to Asset Evaluation and land entitlement always building community consensus as we work with local planning leaders to create the highest and best use of any given property. Through Asset Evaluation we have the ability to examine all aspects of the existing status of the asset. This would involve an analysis of:

Specific User Identification

Property Acquisition

Environment Analysis

Design Development 

Entitlement Processing

Project Due Diligence   

Investment Feasibility 


As a Broker and Development Partner, KAM has represented its clients and partners in hundreds of real estate transactions, including the sales and marketing of our own business parks and land acquisition and assemblage of multiple properties to create larger developable commercial and retail developments such as The Annex in Atascadero, CA, anchored by Wal-Mart due to a nineteen parcel assemblage. KAM also works closely with bank OREO departments (such as Rabobank) to assist in the sale and marketing of bank owned properties. We have annually sold over $20 million of Bank owned properties throughout California.

Construction & Project Management

Keith Mathias has been a general contractor in California since 1984. He is the Founder, President, and the Responsible Managing Officer for KAM Coastal Development, Inc. Over the past 25 years, Keith has built and managed the construction of hundreds of specific office users and medical improvements and, from the ground up, over fifty commercial buildings as speculative buildings and built-to-suits for end users such as Kinkos, AXO Sports, Tri-County Regional Center, FizioMed Pharmaceuticals, FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, Cal-State Auto, Entravision Communications, and many others. KAM is also adept in the construction of underground infrastructure for commercial and residential tract roadways and improvements.