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Our Mission

Your Partner in Real Estate Success

KAM Coastal is a trusted partner in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of real estate acquisitions, marketing, development, entitlement, and more. Backed by a wealth of experience, we provide tailored solutions that not only meet immediate needs but also pave the way for long-term success.

We partner with for-profit and faith-based organizations with our full spectrum of real estate solutions.

Our Process

Identify Underperforming Real Estate Assets

Our process helps organizations tap into underperforming real estate assets so they can unlock new opportunities for growth. From marketing and liquidating properties, to repurposing a facility or raw land, we create custom plans for your unique situation.

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Due diligence
  • Planning and Feasibility
  • Strategic Land Entitlement
  • Community Consensus Building
  • Land Acquisitions

With over 40 years of experience, we will help you determine the highest and best ways to utilize your existing and untapped real estate assets.

Consultation & Site Assessment

Our process begins with a real estate consultation. At this meeting, we get to know your leadership team, understand your objectives and analyze your real estate assets. From there, we determine how an effective real estate strategy could help meet your objectives.

KAM is strategic in its approach to Asset Evaluation and land entitlement always building community consensus as we work with local planning leaders to create the highest and best use of any given property. Through Asset Evaluation we have the ability to examine all aspects of the existing status of the asset. This would involve an analysis of:

  • Specific User Identification
  • Lease Review
  • Zoning Requirements
  • Property Sale or Acquisition
  • Environment Analysis
  • Design Development
  • Entitlement Processing
  • Project Due Diligence
  • Investment Feasibility

Develop and Execute A Real Estate Strategy

KAM Coastal aligns their recommendations with your leadership’s vision - Whether it’s alternatives for property management, development, liquidating, or holding a property, we consider all financial impacts.

Every step in decision making counts. That’s why we help you precisely execute the right real estate strategy based on your unique goals.

Realize Your Property’s Potential

Our team boasts an extensive history in real estate development, which is the cornerstone of our success. We use our expertise to help clients develop new real estate assets and potentially create new income streams from unused portions of their property.

Liquidate Underperforming Assets

For many organizations, one of the most significant decisions they’ll make is whether or not to sell all or part of an underutilized property. Although this is a decision that requires lots of due diligence and buy-in from stakeholders, liquidating real estate assets can fund ambitious goals, or provide the financial stability needed to take that next big step toward the future.

KAM Coastal has the proven experience to provide trustworthy buyer and seller representation.

We’ve had the privilege of representing many esteemed faith-based organizations such as William Carey International University, Frontier Ventures, Crazy Love Ministries, World Impact, Union Rescue Mission, and others. With years of hands-on experience, we’ve honed our skills, gained invaluable insights, and weathered the ever-changing market dynamics.


Kerry Jones

CFO Frontier Ventures

Keith and his team walked us through an extremely complicated process of sale for our 15+ acre campus. It is easy to say without Keith’s countess hours, attention to detail and expertise that we would not have completed the sale and could have faced complications from breech of agreement. Keith is personable, knowledgable and fun to work with. He is extremely dedicated to serving his clients. A by product of our contractual relationship was the development of a life long friendship. That friendship goes beyond our Real Estate deal. If I were ever faced with liquidating a large Real Estate holding again, my first call would be to Keith. I highly recommend him as a qualified agent who works from integrity and experience.

Paul Chan

COO Crazy Love Ministries

"Keith and his team have been invaluable to my brother, Francis, and me. It's rare to find true professionals who strike the perfect balance between understanding kingdom values while having the expertise to navigate the complexities of property transactions."

Chip Gramke

COO & CFO World Impact, Inc.

"Keith has been the National Real Estate Advisor for World Impact since 2016, and he’s conducted himself with honesty, dedication and integrity while helping us tap into our underperforming real estate assets. His advocacy and devotion for our organization gives us great peace of mind knowing he is looking out for our best interest. He’s such a good friend to me personally and to our organization that he is looked at like a major part of our team."

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Our proven process begins with a real estate consultation and site assessment. Learn more about how our wide range of real estate strategies and solutions can help your organization.